Spotted: 1950 Flxible in Aqua

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Spotted in Quartzsite, Arizona by Jim and Rene of Live Work Dream blog fame. Thanks for sharing your photo of this 1950 Flxible.  We think she’s pretty cool in her vintage looking aqua paint.

Photo by Rene Agredano @LiveWorkDream

Flippin’ RVs – New TV Series about Custom Vintage Trailer Restoration

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Flippin’ RVs is a new television show about the incredible world of vintage and collectible travel trailers. Read more →

Retro Design Inspired Caravan Controlled by Smart Phone

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What could be better than retro appliances, furniture, and automobiles that in addition to looking awesome, also feature all the latest technologies? Well, in our opinion, not much. In a perfect world, our 1978 Wanderlodge that we adore so much would have digital gauges, dash A/C and… a smart phone leveling system!

Like Airstreams, Wanderlodges, VW buses, and other vintage caravans, those cool vintage designs have stood the test of time… but their technologies have not. caravisio-outsideManufactures on the cutting edge are combining design cues from the past with “smart” technology like app controlled appliances of the future.

And the future is here!

European motorhome manufacturer Knaus Tabbert is the designer behind the “smart” Caravisio caravan. Check it out…

We say, Bravo!

Nomadic Photographer’s Daily Life Photo Blog

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Images of vintage automobiles, ocean side sightings, parties with friends, and french pressed coffee is enough to beckon even the least adventurous spirit to the road less traveled. A lifestyle photographer and nomad, Jay is the eye behind the photography at slider Magazine and the hands behind the wheel of this Class C Tioga RV.

We must admit, it’s a bit like playing “Where’s Waldo?” for us because Jay has crossed paths with some of our fellow nomadic friends in his first year on the road! We’ll have to catch up with you soon, Jay!  Thanks for sharing this awesome, editorial submission and congratulations on your first full-time year on the road!

See if Jay captured you in his lens and on the road… here’s a glimpse into his nomadic photo journey.

Now go check out the rest of Slider Magazine.


Go-Go-Gadget RV Waste Tank!

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If Inspector Gadget was using an RV as a get-way-vehicle and the bad guys were trailing him, what would he do? Well, we think he’d pull out something like the Thermasan to wipe them off the map!

“Go-Go- Gadget Thermasan!” he’d yell and just like that, “SPLAT” the villain would be derailed by the contents of the inspectors waste tank!

Sounds like a great imaginative cartoon gadget but it’s not completely fictitious! It’s real. There is a hi-tech (circa 1970’s) system that is capable of taking your unwanted RV septic waste to the point of total disintegration and then blowing it out an exhaust pipe.  Unfortunately for the Inspector, it wouldn’t splatter a window, but it would eliminate the need to stop! “Woozers!”

Contributor, Byron Reynolds submitted his findings on the Thermasan system after discovering some mystery plumbing parts still attached to a Travco he is using as a parts donor. Byron is building a motorhome out of an old ’75 International Grumman Kurbmaster step van.

More information on the Thermasan device

The Thermasan System is a waste destruction system that eliminates the inconvenience of holding tank evacuation stops.

Patient Invention schematics.

imagesOriginal 1973 GMC Motorhome Thermasan System Service Manual (PDF)

Extreme RV’s Newest Episode on The Travel Channel

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Travel Channel's Extreme RVs

If you’re like us, getting a tour inside an RV is an exciting adventure. When we step inside another motorhome or trailer we find our small space infatuation fluttering with possibility.

The Travel Channel’s “Extreme RV’s” is back and featuring eye popping new motor-mansions from makers Newmar, Forks RV, and the one we’re most excited about… the Earthroamer. The episode is sure to impress, inspire and create a little motor-dwelling envy as well.

Watch the “Extreme RV’s” new episode on Tuesday, September 24th at 9:00PM ET/PT on Travel Channel.

Thanks Rebecca V. of for this another sweet insider submission. Photo courtesy of BCII & the Travel Channel.

More on the featured companies:

Newmar Luxury Motorhomes : “Newmar was created by RV enthusiasts, for RV enthusiasts. As a company, we were founded under a singular, distinct vision: to make the best motor coaches possible.”

Forks RV “We have built custom products for over 18 years, and we specialize in premium custom coaches that are designed to accommodate the “full time” live in user and other various commercial based products.”

Earthroamer “EarthRoamer is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of four wheel drive, go anywhere motor-homes that we call Xpedition Vehicles.”

Bret Michaels Is About To Rock Out… Vintage Style!

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You want some smokin’ hot, dirty, metal, tour bus action? Well, pull out your tools ’cause rocker and show host Bret Michaels is inviting you into the backseat of a 1966 GM tour bus for what sure to be an epic chrome job with a fiery grand finale. Read more →

Tucson’s Motel On Wheels

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This is a triple scoop, ice cream Sunday of cool. Your very own motor lodge on wheels, parked to your delight, and dripping with vintage retro hipness. Glampers need apply! Yes, your next getaway could be on a set of some of the coolest wheels in the west; aqua paint, orange interior, mid-century furnishings abound.

03largeCool creators, Danny and Mary Ann offer you this experience; to stay in one of two restored vintage 1966 Travco motorhomes, a whole bumper to bumper vintage RV experience. Choose between their backyard retreat in the historic Tucson Barrio or find your room on wheels waiting for you at a local campsite of you choice. They suggest the near by Sagurao National Monument State Park and we’d have to agree, it’s a great spot. Check them out at

Our friend Capri, owner of the infamous 64′ Travco named Myrtle, found this quaint lil’ spot in the Arizona desert and shared it with all of us. Thanks, Capri. Now, who’s booking a Brinkmobile this weekend?

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” A Campy Addition To This Land of Make-Believe

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All great places, even the make-believe ones, are popping up with RV parks. No, not Mister Roger’s Land of Make-Believe, this is a land constructed of 20,000,000 miniature bricks!

Read more →

What Does The Green Hornet & Honky Tonk Music Have In Common?

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How about three million miles with cool gear and serious swagger? Oh, and Ernest Tubb, of course. Nicknamed the Texas Troubadour, Ernest Tubb is one of Country Music’s early pioneers. Read more →

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