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VW Class C Motorhome Built By a Moonlighting RV Enthusiast Circa 1979


A VW dealer by day and a D.I.Y. RV builder by night. Helmut Bischofberger designed his small but innovative motor caravan creations on Volkswagon, Toyota, and Audi chassis. A short but sweet project, Bischofberger Motor Caravans developed and built twelve motorhomes in only fifteen years time.

This looker, the “Kranich” was made with a cut VW LT chassis and reinforced steel structure. It was the final rendition of a his original split VW with a truck camper shell on top. The added steel frame gave this unit ‘extra storage space and sleeker appeal’.

Now merely a piece of 1973-1987 caravan history, Bischofberger Motor Caravans have documented these projects on a website for all to enjoy.

Camper Van Conversion Guide

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