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The Partridge Family’s Neoplasticism Tour Bus

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The infamous Partridge Family’s painted tour bus was a 1957 Chevy, Superior, round top. The converted school bus was enamored by fans just about as much as David Cassidy himself. It’s cool geometric design and primary colors were inspired by Dutch artist, Piet Mondrain’s neoplasticism style paintings and became an icon for this traveling, musical, sitcom family of the 1970’s.

The bus drove the family and their viewers through four, song filled, television seasons from 1970 to 1974. Driving the bus, the Partridge Mom, Shirley Jones, did in fact operate the manual transmission Chevy. She even drove it down Hollywood Boulevard for a taping and also earned a Teamster of the year award after the final season. However, more often the bus was broke down for the filming and had to be pushed in and out of scenes.

You can still find half baked replicas and tribute buses painted in the Partridge Family’s style, but unfortunately, the original bus is lost in time. In 1987, the iconic tour bus was officially junked in Los Angeles, California.

Watch “The Sound Of Money” episode to see a close up of the famous bus.

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