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Mobile Mansions: On The Road & In Photographs

October 22, 2012 by JJ in Art & Design, Books with 0 Comments


Step inside the world of wheeled abodes on the pages of Mobile Mansions. You’ll get an inside look at the famous, the free-spirited, the wooden, and the wackiest of RVs, buses, motorhomes and trailers over the years.  Each of the featured mobile mansions carry their own story and most definitely their own style.

200 beautifully photographed pieces of American pop culture are immortalized on the pages of Douglas Keister’s super cool book. For history lovers, RVers, wanderlusts, and those who love Art + Travel, this book is a must have.

Mobile Mansions (Intl) : Taking Home Sweet Home on the Road

What do Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Mae West, Howard Hughes, John Madden, the Partridge Family, Ken Kesey, The Who, and Barbie have in common? Each had a home on wheels-be it an old converted school bus, a massive RV cruiser, or elegant house car… – Amazon

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